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The River Upstate

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Have you ever longed for help in understanding the Bible?Helping you understand the Bible - it's what we're all aboutWhat if there were a way to help you deepen your understanding of the Gospel?The River offers, solid Bible-based geared to the needs of the average Christians.Where would you like to grow in your understanding of Scripture?

Welcome to The River

Every Christian needs opportunities to grow in the grace and knowledge of the Lord Jesus and to deepen his or her understanding of Scripture (2 Peter 3:18). Because of the limits of staff, time, and resources, some congregations cannot offer all the help their people might hunger after or need. The River provides a venue for leaders, potential leaders, and any interested Christian to cultivate a growing grasp of Scripture, basic doctrine, and ministry skills (Ephesians 4:11-16). The River is a cooperative ministry venture focused on empowering and encouraging communities of faith through Biblical training, curricula, and mentorship. Through a growing understanding of Scripture, believers will discover a richness of Biblical truth that will supplement their journey in faith, enhance their joy in Jesus, and encourage them in ministry in their respective churches.