Year: 2013

You WRITE in your Bible?!?

If you look over my shoulder as I am studying or reading my Bible, you will see that I usually read with a pencil in hand. If you attend our “Reading Scripture” course you’ll discover I encourage people to read and study Scripture with a pencil in hand. And,...

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What is our part?

It seems that Christians often struggle with their “part” in their lives with Jesus. Certainly a sense of responsibility for our relationship with Jesus is appropriate; but keeping our “part” in perspective can be a challenge. Sometimes we err in thinking too much...

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What You Might Not Know You Know

One of the core ideas in our Reading Scripture class is that most readers already bring to the Bible nearly everything they need to know in order to read and make sense of the Bible. They might just not know what they already know! Fundamentally, it's not an issue...

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A video intro to The River

Brian was recently on a local information program that was broadcast in the greater Upstate region of South Carolina. The following link will take you to the short video that will give you a glimpse into some of the things that are at the heart of The River. See...

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Something better than good advice

It’s common. You sit with a group of friends talking about life and challenges and daily struggles. And, with compassion, someone weighs in. He or she offers some advice. “Let me tell you what I did when I faced the same thing just a few weeks ago.” “My doctor told...

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Our Stories or . . . ?

Over the past few weeks I’ve had more than a few conversations with friends about the Christian life. Regardless of where the discussions started, we ended up talking about the place of Scripture in this life we live with Jesus. One conversation focused on a...

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Three Components to Spiritual Horticulture

In his letter to the Corinthians, Paul talks about the growth that comes in the Christian life. He explains that some ministry is like sowing seed, some is like watering plants, but it is God who brings the growth (1 Corinthians 3:5–9). Thus, in one sense, all...

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Is It That It Is Hard to Understand?

If you already know how to read and you have access to a Bible, why does it at times seem that the Bible is hard to understand and is boring? Maybe what we overlook is that we already read in a variety of ways. Maybe what gives rise to the feelings that the Bible...

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