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Small But Important Details

There are times when our familiarity with a Gospel story might prove to be a hindrance when we come to reading a passage. Our sense that we already know what the account is about and why the Gospel writer recorded it for us can leave us inattentive. And the result?...

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It is Not Uncommon, But it Can Be a Problem

You might not know the term, but you have experienced the problem. The term? Inattentional blindness. The idea? That we often overlook something right in front of us because we are focused on something else. We often miss an object right in front of our eyes if it...

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Attentive Writer, Attentive Readers

There are times when we just sit and eat. Those moments when we are hungry, short on time, drive thru some fast food place and are simply wanting to get a bit of something to satisfy the hunger. There is a time and place for that kind of food. But there are times...

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Why Did He Ask?

On more than one occasion Jesus asked an intriguing question: "Have you never read?" (See, for example, Matthew 12:3-5 or Mark 12:26.) The grounds for the question is not always identical, but the purpose of Him asking that kind of question seems to be the same...

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Not On Our Own as Readers

Although The River's focus is on helping people read and understand the Bible, it is not merely a "natural" thing we do. Our reading Scripture is not simply a matter of applying ourselves to the task of reading. Although the goal of reading the Bible should be to...

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Maybe a Bigger Deal Than We Tend to Think

Well, the "Christmas season" is upon us. For some, that is a time of stress; for many, a time for joy; for others, just attempting to get through the season. But for those who know Jesus, it is right not to lose sight of the reason for the season: The Birth. But...

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Are You Thankful?

We have just celebrated Thanksgiving–that traditional American holiday. Family and friends gathered, special foods were shared, and (hopefully) there was some giving of thanks to the God who provides it all. Obviously, the apostle Paul didn't celebrate...

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Do You Know The Words?

We're coming up on the Christmas holiday. With that will come the carols and songs of the seasons. We'll gladly hum or sing along. But when we do that, are we really aware of what we are singing? We'll sing "Joy to the World." And we'll smile as we join in the...

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Maybe It’s Not as Hard As We Think

Erasmus was a classics professor during the days of the Reformation. He not only produced the first critical edition of the Greek New Testament (which became the fuel for the Reformation), but he also taught language arts. One of his more notable works was De...

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Apparently It Matters

It is interesting what you notice if you simply slow down and pay attention to what a passage-–particularly a familiar passage–actually tells us. How about an example? Many followers of Jesus are well-acquainted with the Passion Week exchange that Jesus had with...

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