Reading Scripture well

Small But Important Details

There are times when our familiarity with a Gospel story might prove to be a hindrance when we come to reading a passage. Our sense that we already know what the account is about and why the Gospel writer recorded it for us can leave us inattentive. And the result?...

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Not On Our Own as Readers

Although The River's focus is on helping people read and understand the Bible, it is not merely a "natural" thing we do. Our reading Scripture is not simply a matter of applying ourselves to the task of reading. Although the goal of reading the Bible should be to...

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Perspecuity: Is it Really Clear?

Perspecuity. The word would appear to be inherently self-contradictory. It’s not all that common; it’s used in formal theological discussions. The word? Perspicuity. It refers to “the quality of being lucid, easy to understand.” But the word itself isn’t...

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The Risk in Trying to Be “Relevant”

Perhaps you have heard a Bible teacher or preacher say something like: "We have to make the Bible relevant to our hearers." On one level, I fully understand. The teacher's best intention is to make sure that the message of the text is clearly communicated to the...

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