Real Value

November 4, 2012

“How do you measure the value of something you hold dear? How do you assess the worth of a prize? Is it not by the depth of delight it induces in your heart? Is it not by the intensity and quality of your joy in what it is? Is it not by how excited and enthralled and thrilled you are in the manifold display of its attributes, characteristics, and properties? In other words, your satisfaction in what the  treasure is and does for you is the standard or gauge by which its glory (worth and value) is revealed. The treasure, which is God, is most  glorified in and by you when your pleasure in Him is maximal and optimal.” (Sam Storms, “Piper and Edwards on the Pursuit of Joy in God” in For the Fame of God’s Name [Wheaton, Ill: Crossway, 2010], 59.)

We would do well to find our greatest pleasure and liveliest happiness in God Himself, for in this we best display how greatly we value Him!

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