Year: 2015

How Will You Stock Your Brain-Attic?

Although he was a fictional detective, Sherlock Holmes' observation about what one stores in one's "brain-attic" is quite insightful. "I consider that a man's brain originally is a like a little empty attic, and you have to stock it with such furniture as you...

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Truly Busy or . . . .

It causes me to think. I’m sitting in a café and can see dozens of people. Almost every one is “connected.” On his smart phone, checking her status; texting or tweeting, posting or connecting on line. It has the appearance of busy-ness. But I wonder if it’s time...

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Learning to be “Out of Time”

It’s not uncommon. I’ve heard it from students I spend time with. “I don’t have enough time!” Whether it’s time for studies or time to clean up their living space or time to find a job or time to hang with friends or (what is more important to my way of thinking)...

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With Him . . . But Not Really

I was walking in downtown Greenville and watched a couple strolling across the bridge. Not a young couple; clearly married for some time. They seemed to be "with" one another. But as I walked toward--and ultimately passed them--I noticed that they were both caught...

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Perspecuity: Is it Really Clear?

Perspecuity. The word would appear to be inherently self-contradictory. It’s not all that common; it’s used in formal theological discussions. The word? Perspicuity. It refers to “the quality of being lucid, easy to understand.” But the word itself isn’t...

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The Risk in Trying to Be “Relevant”

Perhaps you have heard a Bible teacher or preacher say something like: "We have to make the Bible relevant to our hearers." On one level, I fully understand. The teacher's best intention is to make sure that the message of the text is clearly communicated to the...

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It’s Not About Just About Good Advice

The tendency seems to be quite widespread. In personal conversations, in popular books, and from Sunday pulpits, there appears to be a bent toward reading Scripture as if the Bible is a collection of good advice to make our lives work better. Texts are mined to...

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Maybe . . . Try Reading

So many Bible study books, with long chapters and multiplied “principles,” imply you need to master some specific content before you can feel confident that you could actually read the Bible. It’s not that there aren’t principles to be learned, but too often the...

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Getting to Know Jesus

I am passionate about having “a personal relationship with Jesus.” Jesus has made a way for us to have relationship with him. The life of a disciple is not about grasping the ethical principles embodied in Jesus’ life. To be a follower of Jesus, even in our day and...

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And Now What? (1 Peter 2:1–3)

I don't really have a green thumb (more like a brown thumb!). I would like things to grow around my house, but it seems to be a constant challenge. But I have learned one thing: Growing things need food and water. You put sod down. You hope it will take. You long...

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