Year: 2017

Don’t Think About Reading . . . Just Read.

It's a very common habit–making "New Year's Resolutions." Lots of people do it. Lots of people don't keep the resolutions they make. In spite of the good intentions, they just never seem to follow through. This doesn't mean making such resolutions is a bad thing,...

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No Need to “Tame” Christmas

It's tradition. Lots of people who don't typically go to church or wouldn't sing about Jesus will do that for Christmas. They'll show up, they'll sing, they will enter in to what they think Christmas is "all about."   And lots of churches will seek to cater to...

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Living in the Truth as True

I will readily affirm the truth of the Gospel. When asked--even when not asked but simply given the opportunity--I am glad to state that I believe that the good news about Jesus is "the power of God" bringing life and salvation (Romans 1:16; 1 Corinthians 1:18)....

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The Author Was Intentional

Everything The River does is anchored in a simple idea: God inspired His Word to be read and understood. By the Spirit, the Biblical authors communicated to their hearers and readers (and to us) in ways that we can understand. Whether in the "Reading Scripture"...

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Don’t Argue, Just Read!

Most of those who have helped a couple in the midst of a struggle have seen it. The helper offers a comment or a word of clarification; one of the couple affirms the rightness or helpfulness of the comment. The other immediately speaks up: "I've been saying that...

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Pick up a (Real) Book

It’s convenient. You see it everywhere. People aren’t reading print books; they are reading electronic books—looking at words on screens, whether on a cell phone, a tablet, or an e-reader. Should that raise a question for a Christian—for the person who believes...

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A Short and Sad Conversation

Flying back to Greenville, I sat next to someone I would describe as both fascinating and terribly confused. We chatted briefly; most of the time was taken up with her offering her take on all things “spiritual.” She explained that she had a master’s degree in...

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How Sherlock Holmes Can Help Us Read Scripture

Even if you are not a fan of detective stories, you’ve probably heard of Arthur Conan Doyle’s consulting detective, Sherlock Holmes. Like any good detective, Holmes solves crimes. But what sets him apart is how he comes to his solutions: Although others may see...

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Not What Was Expected

I had two back-to-back meetings at a local Starbucks. But the store computers were down. It wasn't a heart break for me, as I don't go for the coffee. (I have never had a cup of coffee, but I typically order something because I'm meeting in their space.)   I ended...

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