Don’t Settle

November 4, 2012

Christians do not gather on “the Lord’s day” to memorialize a great historical figure or to affirm a particular ethical way of life. We do not have a theoretical “relationship” with a noble archetype.

Jesus, who walked the streets of Palestine thousands of years ago was crucified, died, and was buried–and rose again. And He is alive–just as alive as He was when he walked those streets. And He walks the streets of our cities and He invades our world in no less a real way.Christians gather because there is Someone there. Right now. In our lives. We meet with others who speak with Him, listen to Him, experience His presence, know Him.

We cannot and should not settle for merely a “Christian kind of life.” We are invited into genuine personal intimacy with Someone–who still lives in this world with us. Don’t settle for anything less.

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